Annette Kaufman – Pianistin und Zeitzeugin im Interview

Annette Kaufman war eine begabte Pianistin und traf ihren Mann, den berühmten Geiger Louis Kaufman, an der Julliard School in New York. Seither waren sie nicht nur privat, sondern auch beruflich als Violin-Klavier-Duo verbunden. Annette Kaufman spricht im Interview über die beiden Filmmusikpioniere Max Steiner und Erich Wolfgang Korngold.

„It was really quite amazing the way Max [Steiner] could express emotionally what the actors were really thinking and motivated by these wonderful themes that would come to him.“
„Korngold [...] would sit down at the piano and make it sound like a whole orchestra, it was quite amazing.“

Question: I would like to hear your first impression when you saw Max. What did he look like?

Question: Have you ever been present at a recording session of Steiner's music – together with your husband?
Details from an interview with the total length of 70 min.

Annette Kaufman, wife of famed violinist Louis Kaufman, sits down to share her memories of the Golden Age of Hollywood and the composers who contributed to it. Louis Kaufman worked alongside many of the pioneers of film composition such as Max Steiner and Erich Korngold. Annette describes her husband’s career in Hollywood as one of the first accomplished musicians to play for films and how the industry changed over the years. Annette recalls her impressions of the work of Steiner and Korngold and describes what it was like to work in Hollywood during this era. Annette also offers a personal glance at the lives, attitudes, and relationships of these renowned composers.

Die Fragen stellte Sandra Tomek.