Danny Gould – Komponist, Musiker und Arrangeur im Interview

Komponist, Dirigent und Arrangeur Danny Gould spricht im Interview über seine Arbeit mit Max Steiner, über die humoristische Seite des Komponisten und die Bedeutung von Steiners Partituren.

"Max Steiner was a pioneer in the world of film scoring. He had the influence of the classical composers and also the gift of combining the form and methods of the classical composers with thematic material. He became aware of the music of the surroundings, of America and he could absorb so much and yet be so original and be influenced by classical music."

As a musicologist of Warner Bros. What do you think was the impact of Max Steiner on the music of Hollywood?
Details from an interview with the total length of 16 min.

Having worked with Max Steiner many years ago, Danny Gould offers his personal experiences with the great composer. From his first meeting demonstrating the autoharp, to recording Steiner’s funeral, Gould shares his encounters with the composer. Gould shares a humorous story of a practical joke played on Steiner by his friends. Additionally, Gould discusses the impact of Steiner on film music.

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